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The Sands of Time edited by Jenny Plastow and Margot Hillel

The Sands of Time



Children's literature: Culture, politics and identity


Detailed Description

Children's Literature Annual No. 3

Children's literature has always been produced by radicals and reformers. Critical analysis of their views and methods is a fascinating and increasingly contested new field. Bringing together a range of perspectives from established academics, well-known children's writers and students of children's literature, this collection provides an unusual and challenging read. Whether you are interested in how writers present the lives of working children in nineteenth-century America, how picture books challenge and subvert the political stance of contemporary Australia, or how issues in Kenya or Palestine can become the material of children's fiction, there are plenty of ideas to explore.

The Sands of Time was the third in a series of conferences at the University of Hertfordshire. Dedicated to the critical exploration and significance of children's literature, the series has so far embraced the perspectives of Marxism (Owners of the Means of Instruction?, 2006) and psychoanalysis (The Story and the Self, 2007). This third conference, dedicated to culture, politics and identity, sought to locate children's literature in the changing landscape of politics, and to examine the ways in which writing for children is used to induct, coerce and indoctrinate as well as to educate and inform. Together, these volumes offer a valuable resource to students, teachers and lovers of children's books alike.

Dr Jenny Plastowteaches on EdD and MA programmes at the University of Hertfordshire and has published articles on primary teaching and literacy, and on Modernist Literature and gender studies. She has worked extensively in practical theatre and Shakespeare, and writes stage and radio plays for children and adults.

Margot Hillel, OAM, is Head of the School of Arts and Sciences, Australian Catholic University, Melbourne. She has been President of the Children's Book Council of Australia and President of the Australasian Children's Literature Association for Research. Judge of many literary awards, joint editor of three collections of short stories and joint compiler of a retrospective anthology celebrating fifty years of the Children's Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Awards, she has co-written several books about using literature with children, regularly publishes scholarly articles and reviews children's books in journals and on radio.


ISBN 978-1-905313-80-8; Jan 2010; Paperback; 192pp